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What is a shared host?

Virtual Server (VPS) is a Virtual technology that successfully divides independent servers into multiple Virtual servers. Combined with the advantages of solid state disk (SSD) and traditional hard disk (HDD), it provides users with high-speed and large-capacity virtual server solutions. Each virtual server has its own space, memory, CPU, network resources, etc.

Choose feiyang VPS virtual dedicated server, no matter in price, performance, security, affordability and privacy, can maintain a perfect balance. Customers using VPS services enjoy the cost of shared services, faster server setup, better server access, more control, and better ownership space. In addition, VPS have similar service levels to dedicated servers, allowing for increased scalability to use services efficiently over the long term.

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HK$78 / Monthly
4 vCPU Cores
50 GB NVMe
32 TB Traffic


HK$138 / Monthly
6 vCPU Cores
100 GB NVMe
32 TB Traffic


HK$288 / Monthly
8 vCPU Cores
200 GB NVMe
32 TB Traffic


HK$408 / Monthly
10 vCPU Cores
400 GB NVMe
32 TB Traffic

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Shared hosting is one of the most popular hosting packages because it provides an affordable way to get your website online. Shared hosting works by allowing multiple users to share a hosting provider Maintained space on a single server. Shared hosting packages can include multiple services or a combination of features from a hosting provider. Shared hosting is great for blogs, hobbies, and small business websites.

When you sign up for a shared hosting package, your biggest benefit is buying hosting at a reasonable price. In addition to various features, our shared hosting platform is manageable, which means that users Don't worry about server management and platform patches. When you buy a shared hosting package, it also includes SSL certificates, domain names, and more!

Anyone with a website needs hosting to get their site online. For new users, shared hosting is a low-cost option, affordable, and works with WordPress. Anything via Feather All hosted sites have WordPress automatically installed and ready to use. Shared WordPress hosting is fully integrated with all WordPress features, including automatic WordPress updates and installations.

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